Greenwald Negotiates Asylum for Snowden

In a shocking development that has baffled law enforcement officials and mouseketeers alike, Glenn Greenwald has successfully negotiated asylum for NSA leaker Edward Snowden aboard the famed Walt Disney World ride "It's A Small World".

When questioned, Disney's director of PR Goofy simply stated, "Gawsh!".

Love your neighbor... yourself...

Easier said than done, I guess,
But worth doing nevertheless.

Stop worrying about loving God with all your heart for a second.
Look that stranger on the sidewalk in the eye with a spirit of love (openness).

It's okay that he scares you.
It's okay to be scared.

Now look him in the eye and smile.

Do this more and more.

The ideas you had about what God is
grow small, dim, distant, dark...

Darkness overcome by a god so bright and shiny it'll